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Divine Powers of

Mahaguru Kritakritacharya Ji Maharaj

Mahaguru Ji controls five elements of nature viz Air, Water, Fire, Earth & Space. Hence he controls everything in this world using divine powers of Lord Mahavishnu.


Mahaguru Ji controls epidemics in this world through divine energies


Mahaguru Ji controls Earthquakes using divine energies of Lord Mahavishnu to equalize energies of the Universe, as a protective cover for our world.


Mahaguru Ji controls all democratic elections on orders of Gods.


As Mahaguru Ji controls rains, which is formed with five elements of nature. If governments agree and Lord Mahavishnu allows, Mahaguru Ji can solve problems of drought anywhere in the world.

Rain & Storms

Mahaguru Ji controls five elements on nature, hence he can create and control rain and storms on orders from Gods.


Mahaguru Ji controls rains, river movements, storms, cyclones, typhoons and hurricanes using divine energies. If governments agree to the terms of Lord Mahavishnu, Mahaguru Ji can control floods anywhere in the world

Witness Power of Gods On Earth

Recent Miracles

Mahaguru Ji always tells days, weeks, months before executing any order from Gods. All such events are miracles done by him using Divine Energies. 

Mahaguru Ji had informed about US, Australia and allied Force build up in South China Sea in June itself

  Mahaguru Ji uses divine energies, which are Mahashaktis (powers) of Lord Mahavishnu to control five elements that form

Why we are witnessing more than normal Earthquakes? Mahaguru Ji had told about this

  If you follow Mahaguru Ji, you must already be knowing that all natural calamities around the world are
General News Miracles

Gods had created events that lead to Russia sending aid to India

  Mahaguru Ji always tells about orders from Gods, that he implements using divine energies, to govern this Universe,
General News Miracles

Mahaguru Ji had told about China Conflict in May 2020, a month before Galwan incident

  Like with every major incident in the world, Mahaguru Ji had told about Chinese Conflict with India, about
General News Miracles

Mahaguru Ji had told about Cyclone Nisarga 15 days in advance

  Mahaguru Ji runs this world through divine energies, which are Mahashaktis (powers) of Lord Mahavishnu himself. Mahaguru Ji
General News Miracles

7.4 Magnitude Earthquake Created by Mahaguru Ji to balance energies of the planet, No casualties, No Damage

  Mahaguru Ji frequently creates and stops Earthquakes to balance divine energies of the planet. On March 22, Mahaguru

Since 23 Years Mahaguru Ji has been running this world.

Govts Formed
Natural Calamities Prevented
Lives Saved


You can win that unwinnable election, form your govt despite losing elections, prevent natural calamities in your constituency/country,  change your economy and use Godly help for anything to serve your people.