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Sansthan Offers below services for it devotees. Click Service heading to expand it, to read more.

Mahaguru Ji mostly works with Politicians, businessmen and governments. Below services are offered through Sansthan’s other resources and Brahmins except Ram Raksha Yajnya Sankalp which is part of Nitya Poojan of Mahaguru Ji and is done with divine energies. To Know more about Mahaguru Ji, please visit About section of the website.

Get Free Kundali Predictions sent to you by Email within 24 hours. It contains planet analysis, career, health, Finance, Marriage predictions and 5 years yearly prediction report. It also contains Mangal Dosha report, Gemstone recommendation. 

  • Free Kundali Predictions
  • Delivered to you on your Whatsapp/Email as a PDF within 24 hours
  • You can donate any amount you like after receiving your report

Fill Below Information to request your free detailed Kundali Predictions report

    Please prove you are human by selecting the House.

    Send us a WhatsApp Message <<– Click Here

    Even this moment when you have a question related to your career, marriage, love, education, business or any other life problem, cosmos are planning the results for you.

    You can get answer to your any such question based on this Shashtra. 

    Sansthan Charges Rs500 per question for this service. 

    Fill up the form below and then make a donation of Rs500 on next page (select custom donation amount and enter amount). Report sent to you in 24 hours.

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      Know about your life, past, present and future with a one page Palm reading report.

      • Single Page report
      • Life progression
      • Education
      • Money
      • Foreign travel
      • Marriage & Love
      • Children
      • delivered in 24 hours
      • Make payment below and send us pics of your palm by Whatsapp
      • Very accurate readings

      Pay Rs3500 Online to Order Now <<– Click Here 

      Send us a WhatsApp Message <<– Click Here

      Predictions tell you what you are going to get in your life through Karma of your previous lives, by means of planetary positions at the time of your birth, or lines in your palm. 

      But with Mahaguru Ji’s divine energies, which are Mahashakti of Lord Mahavishnu himself, you can fix your Karmic problems and overcome them. 

      Be it education, family issues, property, marriage, marriage of children, career or business, if you are having hindrance in any of these and not succeeding in your life, you can ask for forgiveness from Gods, mend your ways through guidance from Mahaguru Ji, by opting for Dharmic path and get success, blessings of Gods and collect good Karma along your life journey. 

      Sansthan expects minimum Rs51,000/- for this Sankalpa but you can pay any amount as per your will, ability and faith. You should decide the amount based on monetary benefit you are supposed to get if Gods grant your wish and donate 5-10% of that amount to Sansthan. Also its fully refundable in case if you feel Gods did not honour your request due to any reason whatsoever within 6 months. 

      This is as close as you can get to Gods. Fill up below form and Select “Give Custom Donation” on next page to make payment for your donation.

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        If you have some queries, connect with us. 

        Send us a WhatsApp Message <<– Click Here

        Hypnotic Yoga Online Session and a Spiritual visit to Devaloka with Mahaguru Ji

        Session cost : Rs3000 Pay Whatever you want per person/participant . Ticket cost that Sansthan expects is minimum Rs3000, but you can pay any amount from Rs500 to Rs51,000/- depending on your will, ability and faith. Cost includes cost of all 7 sessions.

        Book Tickets Now <<— Click Here to Book Your Tickets

        Session duration : 7days, 30 mins per day

        Minimum Participants : 100 
        – if there are less than 100 participants, session maybe cancelled or postponed with full refund depending on decision of Mahaguru Ji. 

        Session language : Hindi+English 

        – 30 min preparatory video session will be held everyday for 6 days on Facebook live 
        – A combination of hypnosis and Yoga along with divya shakti of Mahaguru Ji will be used, first to prepare you, to develop your imagination powers so that you can witness Devloka on 7th day
        – You can only decipher what you already physically know during meditation state. So you will be prepared to understand what you will see
        – Private Video Link will be sent to each participant
        – Its ultimate relaxation and spiritual exercise 
        – Imaginative capacity of each person is different, so what you can comprehend will vary. 

        How to be prepared for the session : 
        1. Link for private group broadcast will be sent to each participant
        2. Click on the link to join, listen and follow instructions as told by Mahaguru Ji 
        3. Earphone, good internet connectivity is mandatory as your eyes will be closed for most of the sessions 
        4. Make sure there is no one who can disturb you during this time. Put all calls and notifications on silent mode. Close the gate and be in the most comfortable state that you can be. 
        5. If you have apprehensions, always keep a person near you during session to wake you up. 

        What you will see on 7th day : 
        1. On 7th day you will be guided during meditative state towards Indraloka – Abode of Lord Indra, Brahmaloka – Abode of Lord Brahma, Pretaloka – to see your ancestors, Kailash – Mahadev’s abode. 

        Terms :
        – This is a hyperspiritual session with no scientific basis and based completely on your faith in Dharma & Mahaguru Ji. 
        – Entry only for Hindus.
        – Session is group based.
        – Different people have different kind of imagination. While you will see everything that will be guided by Mahaguru Ji, but you can only understand what you already know. Therefore preparatory sessions are done. 
        – Obeying every command religiously during session is very important, and so is your faith in Gods & Mahaguru Ji. You maynot witness anything if you have doubts in your mind. 
        – Hyper-relaxation stage is achieved through hypnosis, similar to sleep
        – If you suffer from any cardiac element, please refrain from taking this session or keep help nearby.

        Frequently Asked Questions about Ram Raksha Yajnya Sankalp

        No, You just have to send your name, your Gotra, your Janma Varna etc to us by Whatsapp. You will receive full text of Sankalpa from us on whatsapp. At the same time when Mahaguru Ji will go for his Nitya Poojan (daily prayers), you have to sit in front of your home temple and read that Sankalpa. Actual Sankalpa is done by Mahaguru Ji through divine energies. 

        That is not possible. Mahaguru Ji does his Sadhna during a state of ardha-yoga (half yoga) in the Loka (place) of Gods, and is not in his body at that time. That is why this Yajnya Sankalpa is so powerful. 


        Yes. After Yajnya is done, “Vishal Mahavishnu Yantra” which is specifically made for you is couriered to you. You have to keep that in your temple and once your wish has been granted by Lord Mahavishnu, you have to do “Visarjan” of Yantra in a river or sea. Make sure utmost care is taken as Yantra is very powerful as it contains Lord himself and any disrespect can be very harmful for the person. 

        First, this happens very rarely, in less than 1% of cases. If result is not changed towards what you wished for, your money is refunded by Sansthan. 

        But remember, if something cannot be granted by divine energies, means even Gods will not grant that wish due to some adharma associated with your wish. |  

        If your wish has been partially granted, you have option to opt for “Prabhu Mahavishnu Snanam” to increase your Karma which is performed weekly by Mahaguru Ji and costs Rs2,51,000 or more depending on your wish. 

        If due to any reason, even after taking Sankalpa for “Ram Raksha Yajnya”, Gods only partially grant your wish, you can opt for “Prabhu Mahavishnu Snanam”. 

        If you have not seen any change after taking Ram Raksha Sankalpa means your Karma are too short for that wish, and then even Snanam cannot help you. You have to simply continue earning good Karma. 

        This “Snanam” is performed weekly by Mahaguru Ji in “Ksheersagar – Vaikuntha Loka” when Lord Mahavishnu & Mata Mahalaxmi are in “Sheshashaayi” avastha.. 

        Charge for this Snanam is Rs 2,51,000/-  

        Prasadam for this Poojan is yellow cloth, Yajnyopaveet (Janeu, if you are a Dwija), Laddu Prasadam, and “Vishal Mahavishnu Yantra” is given to the devotee by courier. 

        You will be informed the timing for the day by phone/whatsapp , which is between 2pm to 4am, and at the same time you have to be seated in front of temple at your home with your family, keeping Lord Mahavishnu in your dhyana (mind). 

        Mahaguru Ji is out of Dhyanam for a very short time during day, which is mostly reserved for Politicians and his time on social media according to orders from Gods. 

        If you are a “major” donor of the Sansthan, you can call us for appointment. Depending on merit and our assessment, you may be assigned time and place to meet Mahaguru Ji.

        Rights to accept or decline any meeting request is reserved with Mahaguru Ji. 


        Select Payment Method
        Personal Info

        Please deposit your donation in one of the below ways :

        1. Direct Bank Account / NEFT / RTGS / IMPS Transfer

        Name : Mahaguru Kritakritacharya Ji Maharaj Sansthan

        Account No : 100005500659

        IFSC Code : ICIC0001000

        Branch : Teen Hath Naka, Thane West

        Bank : ICICI Bank


        1. UPI/Bhim Pay/ Google Pay / Paytm UPI

        Make payment to : [email protected] using any UPI app


        Donation Total: ₹11,000.00

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