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Dharma Loka Ashram

With the blessings of Mahaguru Kritakritacharya JiĀ  Maharaj and Prabhu Mahavishnu, Sansthan has started collection of donations for “Dharma Loka Ashram”.

Ashram is being envisioned and its template is being created so as to ensure protection, preservation and propagation of Sanatan Vaidik Hindu Dharma.

All devotees of Narayan are requested to donate generously for the Ashram.

Once ready, devotees will be able to book visitor tours as well as book resident houses for short and long stay within the Ashram depending on availability to live closure to nature.

Facilities to be available :

  1. 51 Acres – Ashram will be situated in Maharashtra. Process of searching and acquiring land for the Ashram is ongoing. 5 acres of the land will have forest cover with various flora and fauna within the Ashram in order to increase its natural beauty
  2. Siddhi Vedic School : Ashram is planned to have its own Vedic & Modern education boarding school for its residents and Dharmics. Children of Dharmics will get dharmic education as well as modern education in this school.
  3. Vedic Village : Ashram is planned to have Vedic Village built in two acres, laced with traditional natural Hindu way of living life. Ashram will house upto 500 families at a given time.

    All donors will be able to rent houses in the Vedic Village subject to availability and membership.
    All families of Vedic Village will be giving “Shram Daan” in various capacities in the Ashram, thus leading a natural lifestyle.

  4. Kamdhenu Gaushala : Ashram is planned to have a “Gaushala/Cowshed” which can house upto 1000 cows. This capacity will be further increased to 5000 cows over the time.

    Donors and residents of the village will be able to adopt cows, and be close to them according to set policies of the Ashram.

  5. Dhanvantari Holistic Hospital : Ashram is planned to have a 25 beds, upgradable to 50 beds full fledged hospital with operation theatre, Panchakarma center.
    Hospital is planned to exclusively serve residents of the Vedic Village and people living nearby.
    Hospital will provide medical facilities based on Modern Medicine, Ayurveda & Siddha Principles.
  6. Narayana Temple : Ashram is planned to have a sprawling 2 acre Temple Complex of Lord Mahavishnu, accessible to public and residents of the Ashram.
  7. Shri Farming Lands : Ashram is planned to have 35 acres of Farming land where residents of Vedic Village will be learning farming and working.
    Organic farmings based on ancient Hindu principles will be carried out and this will help make Ashram Self sustaining.
  8. Vishwakarma Laghu Udyog : Ashram is planned to have various Laghu & Kutir Udyogs in its 2 acre Industrial Section where residents of Vedic Village will be able to convert produces of the Ashram into usable commodities for outside world, again helping Ashram become self sustaining.
  9. Annapurna Kitchen : Ashram is planned to have Annapurna Kitchen accessible to residents of the Ashram and visitors where food for entire Ashram will be cooked. Free as well as paid “Satvik” Hindu meals will be available at the Annapurna Kitchen.
  10. Mahalaxmi Markets : Ashram is planned to have its own marketplace in 1 acre area, where its agricultural and industrial produce can be sold by Ashram’s residents to outside world and among themselves. This will also make Ashram Self Sustaining.
  11. Skanda Security : Ashram is planned to have its own strong private security in order to maintain order inside the Ashram as well as to protect residents of Ashram.
  12. Ganga Shuddh Water Plant : Ashram is planned to have its own water plant providing clean drinking water to residents and visitors.