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You have taken first step in right direction to win this election...

How Mahaguru Ji controls all Elections conducted on the face of this planet?

Mahaguru Ji controls everything that has a soul through power of Gods, Mahashakti of Lord Mahavishnu. Mahaguru Ji goes into a state of “Yoga Nidra” (not self hypnosis which yoga Nidra is commonly confused with), which is a state of deep meditation through which a person can connect with Gods, with past and future. In this state, Gods give orders to Mahaguru Ji, to use divine energies to create things that happen around us. Through these divine energies, if your motives are clear and if Gods give a nod, your win will be created. 

Divine Energies? Never heard of it, what is it?

Ofcourse, no human has heard of it. It is a lost concept of Hindu civilization. Divine Energies are power of Gods. You, me, everything in this world is made up of energies. But there are superior energies which control us all. These energies and their control is possessed by Gods. Mahaguru Ji uses specific type of Divine Energies which are Mahashakti (powers) of Lord Mahavishnu. 

Yes, they are things that all Hindu Scriptures talk about, but they never felt real. Well, now they do. 

Does Mahaguru Ji use Astrology, Hypnosis, Tantra, Mantra or maybe "Black Magic"?

No. Mahaguru Ji doesn’t use anything which has ever been used by any human. Mahaguru Ji uses direct Mahashakti of Lord Mahavishnu to create and destroy things, on HIS orders. Mahaguru Ji does create miracles, but they are not magic. Magic is an illusion. 

Can I use Mahaguru Ji's services to win this election?

Yes, you can, after you have agreed to Lord’s terms. For everything created by Gods for politicians. Gods put certain terms for expansion of Sanatan Vaidik Dharma. Once you agree to those terms, your win is created. 


You do pray to your God, in whichever God you believe in to change your life for better. Its same thing. Whatever Mahaguru Ji does is an “ACT OF GOD”. No human has any influence on his decisions. 

Has Mahaguru Ji created anything like this in past? Where can I see other miracles of Mahaguru Ji?

Mahaguru Ji creates results of every major democratic election fought on the face of this planet irrespective of whether leaders of one of the political parties fighting those elections come to Mahaguru Ji for help or not. Mahaguru Ji gets orders from Gods to create wins of particular party or candidate if no politician approaches him for help. 

So even if you do not approach Mahaguru Ji, chances are he will still be deciding results of your election, but then you will have no control on the result. 

Mahaguru Ji creates miracles on daily basis. You can see most recent miracles at the bottom of this page including most recent governments formed with or without leaders physically approaching Mahaguru Ji

Is my win 100% confirmed?

Your win and government formation is 99% confirmed. Gods refuse a devotee of Lord who has come to Mahaguru Ji for help only in one case, if your win is going to cause way too much harm to cause of Dharma in future. 

And if that is the case, then there was no way that you can win this election irrespective of whether you take Mahaguru Ji’s help or not. Because even Gods will not make you win in such a case. 

That means, if you are in Mahaguru Ji’s “Sharan” and are a devotee of Lord Mahavishnu , whether you win or lose, but thats the best that you can get with all your good Karma combined. 

Miracles by Mahaguru Ji

Mahaguru Ji told on Dec 25,

Mahaguru Ji told on Dec 25, 2020, that a popular leader is going to leave BJP. Mukul Roy Ji

Mahaguru Ji told on 24th

Mahaguru Ji told on 24th October 2020 that a young, recently married MP is going to be pregnant soon.

Mahaguru Ji told that he is

Mahaguru Ji told that he is expediting Vaccination program across the world as has been ordered by Gods on

Mahaguru Ji told about Bengal

Mahaguru Ji told about Bengal Violence on October 25, 2020, that there is going to be huge violence created

Mahaguru Ji told about a plane

Mahaguru Ji told that a plane is soon going to crash on 8th May 2021.  A military plane crashes

Mahaguru Ji told about a large

Mahaguru Ji told about a large ship drowning in sea, on April 14, 2021. P305 barge drowns on 20th

How to contact?

You can call on +91-9321390655 to connect to us. After contact is confirmed, you are shared a Politicians only direct helpline number where you can contact Mahaguru Ji more easily.