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It doesn't matter in which school you send your children to..

For their wholesome development, safety and security of their future, they must be taught about their Dharma, about their ancestors, about Hindu Values

For a better future of Hindus & our country, we need to give Dharmic education along with modern education to our children.

Dharmic Education for you and your child

Online Lectures have started from 1st July 2020.

Select Course For You or Your Child From Below List

All Courses will be taught in Hindi & English Medium

For Children Less than 8 Years

Dharmic Shikshan For Young Hindus
  • Introduction to Hindu Gods
  • Introduction to Sanskrit
  • Sandhyavandanam
  • Short Stories on Gods
  • Introduction to Gods
  • Hindu Values & Samskars
  • Basic Yoga

For Children Between 8-14 Years

Dharmic Shikshan For Budding Hindus
  • Spoken Sanskrit
  • Bhagwat Gita Summerised
  • Sandhyavandanam
  • Valmiki Ramayan Summerised
  • Mahabharat Summerised
  • Hindu Values & Samskars
  • Basic Yoga
  • Karma & Rebirth
  • Gods & Their Various Avatars
  • Vedic Mathematics

For Everyone Above the Age of 15 Years

Dharmic Shikshan For All Hindus
  • Spoken Sanskrit
  • Bhagwat Gita
  • Sandhyavandanam
  • Valmiki Ramayan
  • Mahabharat
  • Ten Main Puranas
  • Ten Main Upnishads
  • Manusmriti & Clarification of Doubts
  • Hindu Values & Samskars
  • Basic Yoga
  • Karma & Rebirth
  • Political Hinduism

Become a Dharma Mitra

Volunteer for Sansthan and help us reach to more Hindus by bringing in students for Dharmic Education Courses. Forward app link in your whatsapp groups, to your friends and family so that they can all know about this dharmic education project.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will be uploading the daily lectures in the system, and will be sending notification on our app as well on daily basis. Ensure that your child watches it, and answers questions asked in “Mahaguru Quiz App” after every lesson.

Once they understand what needs to be done, after sometime they will start doing it themselves. 

We are also working on making process even simpler for our young Hindus. 

Courses will be conducted in Sanskrit-Hindi and Sanskrit-English. 

After you have subscribed to the course, option will be presented to opt for language. All students will be taught basics of Sanskrit, Hindi as well as English over the time. 

We have created “Mahaguru Quiz App” , which is available on play store. This is a game based on practical applications of the lessons conducted in Mahaguru App. We encourage all devotees to download it, and complete game levels, as they go through lessons. 

 Practical home works will be given to students which will make them more inclined towards Dharma. 

But we want parents to be a little vigilant, that their children are attending all classes and answering all associated quizes.