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Mahaguru Ji explains how Prarabdh & Karma act

A question that most of those born in Hinduism ask themselves is, if everything is fixed through Prarabdh, then why we have to do Karma according to Dharma?

Mahaguru Ji explained it very well on Twitter.

  1. Prarabdh is a set of destinations that are fixed by Gods for your this life based on your Karma of previous births, no matter what path your life takes to achieve those set destinations. What path your life takes, that is decided by your faith and your Karma of this life.
  2. Hence, faith in Gods, your prayers are as important as doing Shastra sangat (according to scriptures) Karma.
  3. Because I influence this path, I can explain it to you, and that is how divine energies work. I work on your this path. Your Karma works on this path. Your prayers, all the wishes you ask, they all work on this path.
  4. For example, according to Karma of your previous births, you are supposed to be a ruler in this life. Prarabdh has set that you will become a ruler. But how will your journey be from your birth to that particular destination, that you can influence through Karma of this life and your faith in Gods.

1. You can be born in a poor family, then struggle all your life and at the end of it become a ruler.

2. You can be born in a poor family, but your father becomes a ruler and you inherit it

3. You can be born in family of Kings, live a luxurious life and become a ruler when your time comes. Now the first part, that is your birth, that is again decided by Karma of your previous birth. So you have no influence over it. But from birth to achieving that particular destination, that is all in your control, through your Karma and faith in Gods, Dharma. Next question is, it will still happen through our Karma… Yes, ofcourse. Correct Karma is like cosmic currency. Then there are different currencies, same way there are different religions, different Varnas. What currency will work for you, is decided at the time of your birth. As far as you are working to accumulate your currency, you will be happier. That currency of Karma can be spent only in ways that Gods decide. That is how your faith is also important, and why religious conversions are meaningless.

5. You can spend those accumulated Karma through a wish system. You pray to correct God who is associated with that wish or your Ishta devta,and ask them to give you fala of your Karma in a particular form. Depending on how much currency you have,Gods answer your prayers accordingly

6. In your modern Mlechchha language, take this entire system as Cosmic Intelligence (like your artificial intelligence). Not every line of code is written by the developer (God), and it continues learning, writing its own code, fixing Prarabdh and deciding your journey with a balance of Karma & Faith.

7. There is even a cumulative Karma and faith of the Universe you are residing in which is addition of all Karma done for Dharma by each one of you, and how well everyone in this Universe is keeping their belief in Gods. This part decides how stable your world will be, how much rain you get, how earthquakes and other natural calamities occur etc.


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