Narayan Raksha Yantra


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Narayan Raksha Yantra is to protect against diseases for a single individual and contains strong divine energies. Only 3000 such yantras have been created on orders of Gods as of now.

Donations made for this yantra are fully refundable if due to any karmic or cosmic reason, person wearing this could not be protected and dies within 6 months of wearing the yantra. 

This Yantra is only for following category of people. A verification is carried out for all orders and unverified orders will be cancelled.

  • Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs)
  • Members of Parliament (MPs)
  • Ministers of central governments
  • Heads of State – Chief Ministers, Prime Ministers, Presidents
  • Heads of Religious Organizations
  • Heads of Military Units of countries
  • Kings, Queens and other royal blood persons
  • Prominent Business Persons providing employment to more than 10000 persons
  • and others as chosen by Mahaguru Ji on orders of Gods

This is not a common yantra, and has been created to protect world order. For common yantra with divine energies to keep at your home, visit :

What it contains :

  • It contains yajnya dhuni of agnihotra performed by Mahaguru Ji
  • Every Yantra is “abhimantrit” in the name of the devotee, for the purpose that it is ordered.
  • Once the purpose is fulfilled, devotees should do proper visarjan of the yantra in a large water body like sea or river (not in lakes).
  • Yantra contains divine energies and will make changes around you to protect you.
  • This is not a tantrik or mantrik yantra, but a vehicle of divine energies. Utmost respect should be given to the yantra like an idol.

For what purposes :

  • For protection against diseases and illnesses.

How to use :

  • Wear yantra as “kalava” in right hand, as “Bajuband” in right hand, around neck or around waist as per your convenience.
  • Send name, gotra, photograph of the person on whatsapp after placing order and making donation payment.

Price : Yatha Shakti

Note : Ordering product does not mean delivery. All orders are manually verified and right to cancel any order is reserved by Sansthan. In case of cancellation of order, any amount paid is refunded in full deducting any payment gateway charges.


Disclaimer :

  • Yantra contains divine energies which run this Universe. Energies will be making changes around you to keep you safe which can involve changes of any degree. Yantra may offer protection to others around the person who is wearing the yantra if that is required.
  • In a rare case that person for whom this yantra has been created still dies due to any karmic or cosmic reason, entire donation amount is refunded. Connect with us with the death certificate of the person to get refund.
  • Mahaguru Ji does not use tantra or mantras, but everything is done on orders of Gods. This yantra contains powers of Gods to save the person from any disease, first preventing diseases, and then making sure person lives through even in case he gets any disease by various divine means.
  • Yantras are formed from divine energies and they are not a replacement or alternative of taking medical help. Everyone should follow government advisory, and take medical help on showing symptoms along with wearing/keeping yantra. Yantras are made up of divine energies, and they have power to alter world around you to protect you from infection, and in rare case that infection occurs, they will make changes to save you from becoming a casualty. But under no circumstances should medical help be avoided because a person is keeping yantra with them.