Vishal Mahavishnu Yantra


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Vishal Mahavishnu Yantra is for general well-being of entire family.

What it contains :

  • It contains yajnya dhuni of agnihotra performed by Mahaguru Ji
  • Every Yantra is “abhimantrit” in the name of the devotee, for the purpose that it is ordered.
  • Once the purpose is fulfilled, devotees should do proper visarjan of the yantra as Lord Mahavishnu himself resides in this yantra
  • Yantra contains divine energies and connects you to Lord Mahavishnu like nothing else.

For what purposes :

  • For Any specific purpose like protection from diseases, success in education of a child, better career prospects

How to use :

  • Keep yantra in temple or place of worship in your home
  • pray to the yantra like you pray to normal idols.
  • You will be connected to Lord through energies and if your Karma are right, wish will be granted in time.
  • Lord responds to different wishes in different ways, and energies take their time to create things for you. Have patience and believe that if this yantra cannot get your thing done, nothing else can
  • This yantra cannot be used for political wishes. Please connect directly if you are a politician or government.

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