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For All Devotees

Sansthan Offers below services for all devotees of Lord Mahavishnu & Mahaguru Kritakritacharya Ji Maharaj.

To Fulfill all your wishes and get closer to Gods

Ram Raksha Yajnya Sankalp

Ram Raksha Yajnya is performed everyday by Mahaguru Ji. Devotees can take Sankalpa sitting from their home for any wish they have. Sankalp is known to grant wishes of lots of devotees. You can donate "Yatha Shakti" for the Yajnya.

To get closer to Gods

Vishal Mahavishnu Yantra

Vishal Mahavishnu Yantra is a yantra made up with Divine Energies and Lord Mahavishnu himself resides in it. This Yantra is to be kept in your home temple and prayed to like normal idols. You can get this for specific things like your child's education, specific career upgrade that you are looking for or that business contract that you desperately need. Once your wish has been granted by Gods, you have to do proper "Visarjan" of the Yantra. Depending on your Karma, Divine Energies & Gods take their time to grant any particular wish. Pay for Yantra "Yatha Shakti" . Click to know more and purchase it online.

For Politicians & Governments

Mahaguru Ji uses divine energies which are Mahashakti of Lord Vishnu himself to control this world. Hence on orders of Gods, several services are offered through Sansthan to Political and ruler class.

To protect Leaders against diseases

Narayan Raksha Yantra

Narayan Raksha Yantra has been created by Mahaguru Ji on orders of Gods to protect world order. Only 3000 such yantras have been created. These Yantras are "Shakti Punja" and contain divine energies. Yantra needs to be worn around neck, wrist or waist. It is available only MLAs, MPs, Ministers, Heads of States, Military leaders and Religious leaders as per orders from Gods. Unverified orders are rejected. Click here to order it online. 

For any State or Country Elections

Get Mahaguru Ji's Help to Win Elections

Mahaguru Ji controls souls of every living and non living thing through divine energies and his control on five elements that form everything around us. Hence he can make political leaders chosen by Gods win any election conducted on face of this Earth. To know more on how Mahaguru Ji can craft your win and to witness few miracles conducted by Mahaguru Ji recently, Click Here. 

If your constituency/state/country is suffering from Drought, Floods or Fire

Get Mahaguru Ji's Help to solve issue of Floods, Drought & Natural Fires

Mahaguru Ji controls five elements of nature viz Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Sky, hence he controls all natural calamities on orders of Gods. If your constituency or state or country is facing brunt of nature, Mahaguru Ji can help you. To change such natural order, there are certain conditions put forth by Gods, you can easily agree to them and solve issues of your citizens. To know more, Contact us.