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Mahaguru Ji informed about Coronavirus 5 months before it actually came.

Mahaguru Ji said,"Every dharmic will be protected by divine energies from Coronavirus as much as possible.

A Divine Yantra

Vishal Mahavishnu Yantra For General Public

This Yantra needs to be kept in prayer room . Yantra is a form of Lord Mahavishnu himself, and depending on Karma of the devotee, this yantra may help protect them from the virus. Click to Request Yantra for you. Yantra is available for very limited number of people.

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    Note – Yantras are formed from divine energies and they are not a replacement or alternative of taking medical help. Everyone should follow government advisory, use masks to protect themselves, and take medical help on showing symptoms along with wearing/keeping yantra. Yantras are made up of divine energies, and they have power to alter world around you to protect you from infection, and in rare case that infection occurs, they will make changes to save you from becoming a casualty. But under no circumstances should medical help be avoided because a person is keeping yantra with them. 

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    A Divine Yantra

    Narayan Raksha Yantra for Politicians

    Narayan Rakshay Yantra is for Politicians, military leaders to offer protection against Coronavirus. Yantra contains divine energies which will first protect from infection, and if by any chance infection occurs, yantra will protect the wearer from becoming a casualty of the virus. Click to Request Yantra for you.

    Mahaguru Ji told on Dec 25,

    Mahaguru Ji told on Dec 25, 2020, that a popular leader is going to leave BJP. Mukul Roy Ji

    Mahaguru Ji told on 24th

    Mahaguru Ji told on 24th October 2020 that a young, recently married MP is going to be pregnant soon.

    Mahaguru Ji told that he is

    Mahaguru Ji told that he is expediting Vaccination program across the world as has been ordered by Gods on

    Mahaguru Ji told about Bengal

    Mahaguru Ji told about Bengal Violence on October 25, 2020, that there is going to be huge violence created

    Mahaguru Ji told about a plane

    Mahaguru Ji told that a plane is soon going to crash on 8th May 2021.  A military plane crashes

    Mahaguru Ji told about a large

    Mahaguru Ji told about a large ship drowning in sea, on April 14, 2021. P305 barge drowns on 20th