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Who is Mahaguru Kritakritacharya?

Questions about Yajnya and Daanam

All problems that we face in this life are due to our past Janma Karma. There is only one way to get rid of past Janma Karma, that is through Daanam and Yajnya

Vedic Yajnyas invite Vedic Gods like Agni, Indra, Marut, Vasu etc which form the basis of this Universe along with Narayana, who himself is Universe. Only Satvic Methods of Yajnya are used during performing Yajnya by Sansthan. 

No, you don’t need to come anywhere. In order to give every Hindu maximum possible fala of Yajnya, we have created a procedure using modern technology. So that everyone can attend Yajnya, and still Yajnya remains Vedic, we do not allow any devotee near Yajnyas. All Sankalpa is done on Video Call. 

Yajnya is telecasted Live, and link is shared with all devotees for whom Yajnya is being performed. We advise all devotees to watch the Yajnya Live from their homes.

For most Karma we share a video link with devotees so they can get the blessings of Gods. Moreover all our offerings are ONLY to strengthen and please Vedic Gods. Its in interest of every Dharmic to do Yajnyas, as more and more Yajnyas we will perform, stronger our Gods will be to fix our lives, and restore order in the world we are living in.

Yajnya are scheduled based on Muhurtam. Most Yajnya are done within 7-11 days of receipt of daanam.

Yes. Vedic Astrology is used to invite and take offerings of Yajnyas to the Gods responsible for planets which are wrongly affecting chart of the devotee. This is the only Vedic remedy for all our paapam of past Janma.

Yes, why not. Yajnyas are the only way that Karmic correction can be done. Yajnya accompanies with appropriate daanam, which makes you get rid of any bad karma of past Janma, thus affecting all aspects of your life. 

Gods expect our devotion to them, if we seek their blessings. Appropriate daanam to a patra Brahmin following Vedic Rituals based on how much correction we want in our life is only way to overcome our life problems. We do not force anything on any devotee. Devotee decides his capacity of spending on Yajnya and Daanam, and we have solutions that start with free to match any pocket. Mahaguru Ji advises Svadharmi Hindus to spend upto 10% of their income on Dharma, to get continuous growth in life over time. 

Yes. Yajnyas help families unite. They calm the negative energies around people who take Sankalpa for Yajnyas and hence can help build dharmic relations once again. 

Celebrate you Birthdays, Anniversaries etc by not doing partying and hoteling, but by performing Yajnya in your name, which will help you achieve more in life. Which will give you health, wealth and wise to take right steps in your life, under guidance of Gods themselves. 

Reach us and get the Divine Abhimantrit Vibhuti, keep it in your home and use it during auspicious occasions, to gradually overcome problems so you can afford Yajnya. Divya Vibhuti is free of cost. You are free to pay or not pay courier charges or donations for Vibhuti. 

As we are still collecting donation for Ashram premises, right now all cows donated by Dharmics to Mahaguru Ji are being kept in able care of few trusted devotees. 

No. We perform only Satvik Yajnyas and no animal sacrifice is done in any Yajnya done by Sansthan

Presently its not possible to physically take cow due to logistical reasons. We are working on opening  Svadharma Ashrams in every Taluka across India as donations from devotees and Dharmics starts pouring in, to allow people make physical donations of the cows. 

But remain sure that when you donate a cow to Sansthan, then a cow is purchased in your name from market, Sankalpa is done by you through video link and Gau daanam is accepted by Mahaguru Ji, ensuing its taken utmost care of with best of ability of Sansthan. 

As Mahaguru Ji remains out of dhyanam for very short time during a day, only limited people are allowed to meet him personally. Due to COVID, personal visits to Mahaguru Ji are completely closed as of now. 

Vedic Astrology consultation with Mahaguru Ji is available at ₹11000 for 15-30 minutes consultation where you can discuss with Mahaguru Ji not only your astrology based on Kundali, but you can ask any cosmic question. There is no more able person alive or dead than Mahaguru Ji to clear your any cosmic doubt.

What does Yajnya Include?

Yajnya includes host of Vedic Dharmic Services based 100% on Vedic guidance. Depending on Yajnya package you choose based on your will, different Karmkand, Daanam etc are performed perfectly under guidance of Mahaguru Ji



A Vedic Yajnya is performed by Vedic Brahmins after Sankalpa is taken by you. Yajnya is telecasted Live for you to take blessings from your home. 

Gau Seva

Gau Seva

Different kind of Gau Seva are included in every Yajnya Package. It can be one time Gau Bhojan to Gau Daan depending on package you choose. 

Brahman Seva

Brahman Seva

Various Brahmin Seva Prakalp are taken by Sansthan on your behalf like Vastra Daanam, Anna Daanam, Brahmin Bhoj etc. 

Brahmin Bhoj & Sidha Pisaan

Brahmin Bhoj & Sidha Pisaan

Depending on your package, Vedic Brahmins associated with Sansthan are offered Bhojan and Sidha Pisaan on your behalf. 

Bhoomi Daan

Bhoomi Daan

Your package amount is used for bhoomi daan to Mahaguru Ji to establish Ashrams or to reach more Svadharmis and connect them with their roots. 

Dharma Daan

Dharma Daan

Any remaining amounts of Daanam is used for supporting various dharmic activities that take place under guidance of Mahaguru Kritakritacharya Ji Maharaj

Yajnya Packages

Choose a Package based on your financial condition and devotion to Gods.

Laghu Samuhik Vedic Yajnya

- Includes 1 Day Fodder in Gau Seva
- Video Sankalpa
- Live Video Link for Yajnya
- 51 Ahuti Yajnya
- 1 Brahmin Bhoj
- 1 Brahmini Anga Vastra
- 1 Brahmin Angrakha
- Shri Mahavishnu Yantra Couriered to Devotee's home address

Brihad Samuhik Vedic Yajnya

- Includes 7 Day Fodder in Gau Seva
- Video Sankalpa
- Live Video Link for Yajnya
- 108 Ahuti Yajnya
- 5 Brahmin Bhoj
- 1 Brahmini Vastra
- 1 Brahmin Vastra
- Shri Mahavishnu Yantra Couriered to Devotee's home address
- Monthly supply of Vibhuti for 3 months

Vishal Vedic Yajnya

- Includes Gau Daan to Ashram
- Video Sankalpa
- Live Video Link for Yajnya
- 1008 Ahuti Yajnya
- 11 Brahmin Bhoj
- 1 Brahmini Vastra
- 1 Brahmin Vastra
- Shri Mahavishnu Yantra Couriered to Devotee's home address
- Monthly supply of Vibhuti for 12 months
- Monthly supply of Divya Prasadam for 12 months

Shri Mahavishnu Yantra

- Keep Yantra in home temple and let it correct any karmic issue you have
- One Yantra works for one "Ayana", almost 6 months, and then devotee needs to perform Visarjan.
- Free Courier to Home

Divya Vibhuti

₹299 FREE
- Use Vibhuti before starting for any special or auspicious occasion like marriage, education of child, new job
- Helps keep a person calm, composed and make better decisions through divine
- Helps in Karmic correction
- Made from Dhuni of Divine Yajnyas performed by Mahaguru Ji
- 10gm weight - Courier Charges : ₹45, its upto devotee whether they want to pay courier charges or not.
- Limit 1 free per devotee, then ₹299/- per item, or ₹2500 for monthly supply for 12 months.

Gau Daan

- Give a Gau Daan to Mahaguru Ji
- A new cow is purchased in your name at Ashram places and it includes fodder for 1 Year.
- Even if no daanam is received from you after 1 year, cow is allowed to be remote adopted by other devotees.

Bhu Daan

- Give Bhoomi to Mahaguru Ji for Ashram
- You can register any bhoomi in Mahaguru Ji's name by contacting Sansthan
- Bhoomi should be free from any conflict otherwise such daanam is not accepted
- As only use of Bhoomi is to construct Ashram, it is expected from devotees to donate minimum 2 Acres of land
- Other commercial units are also accepted as Daanam
- Registration charges etc for Bhoomi are borne by devotee

Brahman Bhojan & Dakshina

- Offer one time Bhojan and Dakshina to Kulin Vedic Brahmin
- Choose Number of Brahmins based on your own donation capacity
- Brahmins associated with Sansthan are offered Bhojan and video link is shared with you - ₹501/Brahmin Bhojan

Praja Bhojan & Bhandara

- If you want to offer Bhojan to poor Hindus (including non Brahmins), you can do so via Sansthan
- Bhojan is offered either as Bhandara or by sending food packets to homes of poor Hindus
- ₹151/packet
- Devotee can decide number of packets.

Note :

  1. All Yajnyas are performed on best effort basis, and accordingly to knowledge of presiding Brahmins. 
  2. Mahaguru Ji, due to time concerns, doesn’t attend all Yajnyas physically. Vishal Yajnya is attended by Mahaguru Ji personally. But methods of Mahaguru Ji is used in performing all Yajnyas and his divine energies are utilised in the offerings of Yajnyas to Gods. 
  3. Daanam once received are non refundable. 
  4. We do not issue 80C certificate for donations. All donations are personal offerings to Mahaguru Ji by devotees.
  5. Effect of Yajnyas varries from person to person, depending on Karmic value of every soul. If for someone Yajnya do not work, then Sansthan is not responsible for that. We advise higher methods of Bhakti, and to submit themselves to service of Mahaguru Ji and Sansthanam, in case Yajnya are not giving desired result, because such souls carry huge karmic burdens, which can only be solved with Sant Sannidhya.

Please deposit your payment in one of the below ways :

  1. Direct Bank Account / NEFT / RTGS / IMPS Transfer

Name : Mahaguru Kritakritacharya Ji Maharaj Sansthan

Account No : 100005500659

IFSC Code : ICIC0001000

Branch : Teen Hath Naka, Thane West

Bank : ICICI Bank


  1. UPI/Bhim Pay/ Google Pay / Paytm UPI

Make payment to : [email protected] using any UPI app